How would you rate yourself with your level of nerd? This is not to put anyone in a box but rather to help you understand who you are as an out-of-the-box thinker. We all have certain level of Nerdatonium in our blood that makes us the unique people that we are.
Here are the levels that we do know about. Levy classified them in order to understand how people think as nerds. The three he mentioned are below.
Where you do rate yourself?

Class Five Nerd
You like ideas, but don’t always have to share them.
You might choose a physical activity over a mental one most of the time.
You have smarts, but don’t really want to be associated with other thinkers.
You are very comfortable in a social setting.
Class Three Nerd
You are comfortable being a listener, but will share ideas freely.
You choose an activity that suits your needs at any given time.
You don’t have a problem being seen as a out-of-the-box thinker.
There are times you fit into a social setting and other times you can feel a bit awkward.

Class One Nerd
You like to share your ideas freely, even if others don’t seem interested.
You would rather do a mental activity over anything physical.
You are thinker and
 love to be around others like me most of the time, or by myself.
I can be rather awkward in a social setting at times.

If you ask me, I would love to say that I am a Class Three Nerd. However,
I tend to lean towards a 2.5 or a 2.0 in reality. Again, this is for your own self and something to think about as you interact with others. I think knowing how people think and interact with others helps you to be a little more patient and understanding of others around you.

Your thoughts?

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Okay, right off I am a superhero fan. Spiderman is my favorite hero because is an everyday man, doesn’t have a lot, but he has these superpowers thrust upon him. Talk about a hero for the underdog, right?

I am excited about the influx of superhero movies that have hit us in a great deluge. Marvel has really lived up to its name. I never was an Avengers fan, but now I have been introduced to the universe. I am hooked.


I grew up with DC and the Justice League. I knew Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Women, etc. very well. I think it will take a while, however, the Justice League will have its time in the sun as well.

In Chronolocity: Fistful of Chronotons, Levy Roarke has a hero complex. He relates more with Iron Man because of his mechanical abilities. Levy is used to fighting his battles alone, but that all changes when he meets a group of historical figures as children. They have all been taken from their particular time in order to reboot history. This forces an seven year old, Thomas Edison, an eight year old Martin Luther King Jr., and a fourteen-year old Albert Einstein to become part of Levy’s own superhero line up in order to save history.

Super ms

Levy squints. “Has anyone ever shown you how dangerous it is to be selfish?”
“What?” Tom mutters.
Levy waves that one off. “Okay, bad choice of words. You’re just thinking about yourself.”
Junior pats Tom’s shoulder. “We are a team, right?”
Tom smiles weakly.
Junior puts and hand on both of their shoulders. “You can trust that Levy knows what he is doing. Listen to him.”



Being a loner and a bit untrusting of others, Levy often takes on his hero duties on his own.Faced with a greater challenge than he had before, they become a team of heroes who want to save history from unraveling. It is a daunting and probably impossible task for one twelve-year-old boy, but when the combine forces, they have a greater chance to take on the monumental task ahead.


Every hero needs a team. They become more than the sum of their parts. Superman, no matter how powerful he is, does have a weakness that can destroy him. The others0 on his team can fight when he can’t and are strong when he isn’t. So, everyone needs to be part of a team.


Long live the superhero age! I hope we will enjoy their adventures for years to come.

Who is your superhero and why do you relate to them?


Rhet and Link

Rhet and Link


Uh, I have often heard that Nerds and Geeks are not the same thing. In fact if you have ever heard of Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link, they have who brought that age-old battle to a head.



Whoa, can’t we all just get along?

I decided to look both terms up.





  • a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

“one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance”


bore; More

  • a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.

“a computer nerd”






  • 1.

an unfashionable or socially inept person.

  • 2.

a carnival performer who performs wild acts.


  • 1.

engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.

“we all geeked out for a bit and exchanged ICQ/MSN/AOL/website information”


There really isn’t a lot of difference so why is there any antagonism in the terms?

So, Nerdatonium is present in anyone who thinks, not matter what their designation might be. (Ah, well of course unless you have a Borg designation that is.)



Chronton particles 5

I think inside all of us is a hero that wants a chance to do something great. You know, we all want to change the world in some way. Can you relate? What can a nerd to that compares with those who do great almost superhuman things?

In my novel, Chronolocity, our character, Levy finds out, a hero is someone who does not have to wear a cape. It is someone who may not be able to leap a building at a single bound, but the can stand up for those weaker than they are. Their real strength is that of character and conviction to do what is right.

The best heroes aren’t perfect. They have flaws, make mistakes, and even find what brainpower and brainpower gives out, however, they get up again. Levy had an opportunity to help a fellow nerd, but chose rather to ignore his plead. He has regrets and wishes he had made a better choice.

Are you a deep thinker or a quick thinker? Are you creative and see designs in everything? Are you a manager of fine details or do you see the big picture? These are abilities that you might have that are needed right now.

I really think the difference between a hero and a villain is their strength of character. They might not always make right choices, but the best heroes grow and learn from their mistakes. They give all they have to be all they can to help all who need their help. Isn’t that what makes a hero a hero?