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Twelve year old inventor Levy Mozes Roarke has always dreamed that one of his wild inventions would someday make history. Yet, he never dreamed that his Fizz-E-Drive engine would play a role in altering history. Levy is transported back to the past here he lands in the middle of a time war that is being fought throughout history. One side, led by an eccentric time-traveler, Mr. Cross, wants to enlighten important figures from the past in order to create a better future. While the covert A6 team attempts to keep the fragile timeline intact, imperfections and all. Both sets of time travelers attempt to persuade Levy that he is the hero they need. Levy struggles with whom he trusts. With the fate of time in the balance, no one will ever look at history the same again

Chronolocity is a Historical Science Fiction YA novel. It is the first of six volumes in the Chronolocity Hexatron.

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