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Time travel



In the story, Chronolocity, my character, Levy Roarke experiences time travel. He is yanked from the present into the distant past by a time traveler who is doing a reimagining of history.

“No way!”  He looks at the box in his other hand.  He sets it down.  “Wait, hold it.”  Levy scoots back like the box is about to explode.  “This bag, this stuff…” He holds his head.

“It’s from an alternate time line?  Parallel universe?  Does it even really exist?  Am I going to explode by eating something that belongs in another reality?”

Tasty, but deadly.

Time travel has always interested me. What would happen if we did go back and visit the past? Or the future. Would anything I do effect the flow of time, or is it history going to happen whether I try to tamper with it or not?

Here are some incidents that I have seen in movies. Are the accurate or not?

Back to the Future: Marty knocks his father out of the way, thus becoming the object of his mother’s affections. He has to undo what he has done in order to not be erased from history.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Captain Cisco’s favorite historical hero, Bell is killed when his crew accidentally travels back to the past. The captain knows story and assumes his role instead, maintaining the original time line for the most part.

The Time Machine: Dr. Alexander Hartdegen looses his wife to murder. He builds a time machine in order to go back and save her. When he does prevent her murder, she is shortly killed in another accident.

So, here are three theoretical outcomes of time travel:

  1. If you tamper with time, it could unravel all we know.
  2. Time can be altered without any life-changing effects.
  3. Destiny will not allow for any changes. It will self-correct if needed.

All of these are theories, but which one do you subscribe to?

Time travel 2







Um, okay here is another place that Nerdists have been divided. You either like Star Trek or Star Wars. This is what I am hearing from the fans. It is assumed that you have to be in one universe of the other.


Seriously, why do we have to choose between the two? They are both great in their own right. There is such diversity between them that these two shows don’t complete with each other. What’s next, I will have to choose between Harry Potter, Narnia, or Lord of the Rings? I haven’t heard anything about voting for only one fantasy francize, so why is there even an issue.

Please don’t make me decide if I like Spiderman with Toby MacGuire or the Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garfield. I enjoy them both for different reasons. It’s the same issue with Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder or Johnny Deep. I despised the idea of tampering with one of my top five favorite childhood movies of all time. However, they created something not to replace the classic, but came up with a whole new retelling.

My question again is why do we have to chose? Last time I checked, it was a free country where we have lots of great choices. This is the essence of diversity, right?

May the force be with you and live long and prosper. 


Rhet and Link

Rhet and Link


Uh, I have often heard that Nerds and Geeks are not the same thing. In fact if you have ever heard of Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link, they have who brought that age-old battle to a head.



Whoa, can’t we all just get along?

I decided to look both terms up.





  • a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

“one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance”


bore; More

  • a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.

“a computer nerd”






  • 1.

an unfashionable or socially inept person.

  • 2.

a carnival performer who performs wild acts.


  • 1.

engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.

“we all geeked out for a bit and exchanged ICQ/MSN/AOL/website information”


There really isn’t a lot of difference so why is there any antagonism in the terms?

So, Nerdatonium is present in anyone who thinks, not matter what their designation might be. (Ah, well of course unless you have a Borg designation that is.)



Chroton 8

Entry #2

Chroton 8


Ever had a nemesis? Normally, it’s a person who gives you a hard time for being different. They tease or shove you about just for being nerdish. Sadly, it can be a fellow nerd who has have forgotten that brainiacs help each other out, not cut each other down, to make themselves look smarter.

However, have you ever thought of a nemesis being the thoughts and emotions battling inside your own head? Join the club
They call me Levy the Brainiac. It’s because in my head there are always ideas brewing and wheels turning. He holds his head with his hands. Even now when everything is quiet in the school Science lab, those voices have a fact, opinion, or concern that have to be aired.
You’re almost done. No one is here to bug you. So stay focused.
There goes my logical side.
Don’t burn yourself out. You need to eat something and take a break sometime. You’ve been at this for days.
And my emotions always have to jump in. He sighs. There are times I wish I was a computer or a robot, no an android. That way I wouldn’t have emotions getting in the way.
In the story, Chronolocity, Levy struggles with his thought life. What I mean is he often has detailed discussions, dialogs, debates, and decisions with the two halves of his brain. Have you ever had discussions like that? You have to weigh and decide sometimes between your logic and emotions when tough decisions have to be made?

Levy’s logical left side he nicknames Brainiac. He tends to favor and lean more heavily on his analytical self. On the other side he has Arby, which is named for his emotional right brain. In many ways he is like the referee or judge between the two.

Sometimes I feel like a referee or some sort of moderator inside my own head. Levy rubs his temples in slow circles. He breathes slowly through his nose. That’s the part that worries me having a brain like mine. I wonder if I’m the only one who has this problem?

As an after thought, the best way to describe this relationship comes from the crew of the Starship Enterprise. You remember the relationship that Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy had? While Spock was the voice of logic and reason, Dr. McCoy was passion and emotion. Captain Kirk was the one stuck in the middle trying to unify them together as a family. I guess he was like the spirit of unity trying to keep his crew together.

Do other people have these kinds of debates in their heads or is just me becoming a mad scientist, after all?
You don’t have the time for silly things like love.
Well, I can still admire her from afar.
Love is a magical thing, Levy. It changes people.
I am not in love. Levy’s heart did a summersault.
Okay, how about seriously like her.
Yeah…that’s good.

Levy tries the best he can to live with these opposing forces. If the truth be told he tends to downplay Arby and favor Brainiac. So much so that other people have given him that nickname. Being able to see his two halves work together and not against each other is his real struggle. I guess you could say that self vs. self can be on the toughest challenges we face within ourselves.

Any thoughts on this topic?

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